Building Updates


After several revisions, the building plan for the new Post 2 home has been finalized and approved. This new, fully handicapped accessible building will include a large meeting room, kitchen and storage to serve the needs of the Post as well as a variety of community groups, including members of the JROTC, Boy Scouts, Sea Cadets and more. Ample parking will be available.  




Under the direction of the Post 2 Legion Riders, the first structure to be built at the new Post home on Old Rutledge Pike has been completed. The covered metal picnic pavilion measured 24 feet by 40 feet and was jointly funded by the members of the SAL, Riders, and Auxiliary, as well as an anonymous donor.

In addition, a 40-foot storage shipping container was purchased and placed directly behind the pavilion to provide on-site storage for the Legion. This pavilion allows the Legion to begin hosting activities during the summer months, as we continue to raise funds needed for the groundbreaking for the new Post building.




A big thank you to Stowers Machinery and Claiborne Hauling for helping move our tank to our new Post home.

Gene Bayless, Dennis Branson. Dan and Nick Chipman, Bob Dewald, Marty Everett, Philip Foster, Don and Vickie Plane took the first first step forward towards a new Post home.   They removed trash and debris, removed old signage, cut back shrubbery, mowed and and hauled away brush from the lot at 5700 Old Rutledge Pike. They also placed the new sign for the Post building.  

Shortly after, the site prep and excavation began, with more than 25 truck loads of rubble removed from the property.  The next step will be to bring in fill dirt and gravel.

 In addition, the tank was scrubbed clean and the flag pole was was placed, so Old Glory now waves proudly over the new Post home.