Fundraising and Building Updates

The Capital Campaign has kicked off and our goal is $200,000.

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Welcome to the future home of Post 2!

This is our journey from purchasing the land, installing a pavilion, finalizing the building plans, and every future step we will take. The most recent events are at the top of the page to keep you up-to-date with our progress!

The members of Post 2 are so excited to be on this journey to continue making a positive impact on the lives of our veterans and the Knoxville community.


Ground Breaking and Permit Approval 

September 2021

An informal Ground Breaking ceremony was held on September 13th, and construction is slated to begin once all the neccesary building permits have been finalized.

With the building plans finalized, our members can now focus on fundraising and we will update the groundbreaking information as soon as the date is confirmed! We appreciate your patience and continued support.

Building Plan Approval

August 2019

Creating a design for our new post home has not been an easy task. There have been many revisions, each trying to ensure the space will fulfill the mission of the American Legion. With this in mind, we need a space that is accessible to all veterans and their families; have ample parking; have a memorial; a great kitchen; plenty of storage; and it must have room to host community events, such as JROTC, Boy Scouts, Sea Cadets, youth camps, and more. That sure is a tall order! As of June 2019 we finally have the building plans approved and the new home of Post 2 looks fantastic! We cannot wait to break ground and continue this journey!

A Fantastic Covered Pavilion

May 15, 2019

A huge thank you goes to our Post 2 Legion Riders. They provided the direction and muscle to build an amazing 24 foot by 40 foot covered pavilion for Post 2. This is the first structure put in place on our new land so we can begin hosting activities. The funding for this was a joint effort with members from the Legion, SAL, Riders, Auxiliary and an anonymous donor, all coming together to support Post 2. 

Summer barbeques and other events require many components. To further support Post 2 until our permanent building is completed, a 40 foot shipping container was also brought to the site to provide storage for the Legion.


May 2018

A big thank you to Stowers Machinery

Not many people are lucky enough to see a real tank in person. At Post 2, you can see one every day! Thanks to Stowers Machinery and Claiborne Hauling, our tank was delivered to the Future Home of the American Legion Post 2.

While the tank was being scrubbed clean, other members were busy installing a flagpole to let Old Glory shine. The flag of our nation now proudly waves over the new Post 2 home!

Preparing the Land

May 2018

Post 2 is proud to own a parcel of land located at 5700 Old Rutledge Pike in Knoxville. 

This post has had many homes in the nearly 100 year history in Knoxville but this will be the very first home built specifically for the post with needs of our veterans and community in mind. 

We are fortunate to have so many members willing to volunteer their time, energy, and resources to make this dream a reality.

With any piece of land, especially in the South, comes unwanted and/or overgrown vegetation. A fantastic team comprising of Gene Bayless, Dennis Branson, Dan Chipman, Nick chipman, Bob Dewald, Marty Everett, Philip Foster, Don and Vickie Plane stepped in to help begin the process of clearing the land for Post 2. They removed trash, debris, old signage, cut back shrubbery, mowed the lot, and hauled away a lot of brush. This team also installed the sign which states, “Future Home of American Legion Post 2”. 

Site preparation and excavation continued with more than 25 truck loads of rubble being removed. In the near future, there will be fill dirt and gravel brought in as we prepare the land to build our new home. Thank you again to all those who helped us purchase the land and begin making preparations for what is sure to be an amazing asset to our veterans and the community!